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I am Kiva Huang, originally from Hong Kong, first picked up a camera at the age of 15. When I was a school kid, I was known as a friend who always had a camera with him, carrying around to take random photos and capture silly faces of friends.


My goal is to share with people the best things in the world, and it is exactly this incredible world that helps me to stay motivated and dedicated to doing photography. My career can hardly be seen as a smooth one. From being an amateur shutterbug to now a professional photographer, I gave up, resumed and held on. No matter what kind of challenges I was going through, it was the passion in my heart that kept me from falling apart. I always feel fortunate and grateful for the opportunity I was given.


Learning never ends. I always immerse myself in the work of the finest photographers so that I can be inspired, and experiment in different ways and styles of photography.

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